Or maybe it should be CORNY-ucopia since this is one of my more self-indulgent columns … but hey, sometimes you just need to sit down and remind yourself why you have the best job in the world and thank the people who made it happen …

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you’ve read this far, CHECK OUT MY PERSPECTIVES COLUMN at MiLB.com!!! (and yes, that was the link, just in case I didn’t make it clear enough) …

I’m not cutting/pasting it here because it’s loaded with oodles of links that would take me hours to recreate …

But that said, here is one link not included … www.myspace.com/waynewilentz which will allow you to listen to the music of my amazingly talented husband
Little Wayne with Harry Dean Stanton.jpg… AND NO, THAT IS NOT HIM WITH THE MIC … the singer is actor Harry Dean Stanton … my better half is the one at the piano, at Caffe Roma (I think I spelled that right) in Beverly Hills during Christmas week of 2006 … (thanks, Bon!) …

So … wishing all of you a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving season, and to my international readers and friends (like in Australia and stuff), well, it’s always a good time to give thanks even if you don’t get the sweet potatoes with candied marshmallows!!!

Tune in again on Friday afternoon when I’ll be posting my newest “Beyond the Boxscore” questionnaire with Florida Marlins prospect Logan Morrison!



Nice job. I love the Rule 5 Draft even more now. Now can you please do another version of that using the native alphabet of every team participating in the World Baseball Classic.


Great music! Really liked it.

About your article…

H. Hope to see at least one game of the AFL next year.

J. Jim Bouton: again wiht H for Hope, to bring a Team Mexico next october in his Vintage Baseball Tournament.

I’ll try to be at Las Vegas.

Best regards

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Loved your article, Lisa. It had everything from Homer Bush to Jim Bouton AND you managed to tip your cap to your hubby. Well done! Hope you had a great holiday.


I enjoyed the article you wrote! I’ll definitely tune in to see your postings.

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